Creating Billing Codes

Equitrac treats billing codes as another type of printing account, in addition to User and Departments. After you create billing codes, you can assign billing codes to users or departments. See Enabling Billing Codes for details.

To create new Billing Codes, do the following:

  1. In Accounts, select Billing Codes and click Add billing code.
  2. In the Add Billing Code screen enter the following information in the fields provided.

Field Description
Billing code name The name can be any combination of numbers and letters. If billing codes are enabled for Xerox devices, ensure that the billing codes names are no longer than 32 characters in length. In the Client Billing popup, users identify a billing code by this name.
Description Add a description for the billing code, specifically when you are using fully numeric billing codes, or when billing code names are somewhat obscure. The description also appears in the Client Billing popup, giving users better information about each billing code choice.
Paid balance Optionally enter an amount of additional funds to be used if the Allotted balance goes below zero. Funds added to this balance are supplied by a source other than those allotted to the billing code.
Allotted balance Enter an amount for the billing code. As users charge against the billing code, the balance decreases until the minimum balance is reached.
Minimum Balance If the balance drops below the minimum, the users are not able to release their print jobs and receive error notifications instead. To enforce the minimum balance, configure the Account limits in Web System Manager > System Configuration > Global Configuration Settings > Accounting and quotas > Charging, Limits and Precision. See Account Charging and Limits.
Account locked Billing code accounts can be locked, preventing all users from charging jobs to that billing code. This option is only available when editing existing billing codes, not when initially adding a new billing code.
Primary PIN If users enter PIN codes on a control terminal keypad, they must enter a Primary PIN to identify themselves. If your embedded devices are Xerox devices, the PIN values must be 32 characters or less.
Secondary PIN To add another layer of security, users enter a Secondary PIN in addition to the Primary PIN. This PIN acts a password at the control terminal.
Confirm Secondary PIN Enter the secondary PIN again to confirm the number. The Secondary PIN and Confirm fields must match precisely; otherwise, Equitrac will not save the billing code information.

  1. Click Save.

Equitrac adds the Billing Code to the database and places it in the list of available Billing Codes.