Groups tab

Use this tab to add, remove, and manage groups of users. You can access this tab from the Manage Users utility.

Click an option you want to learn more about.

Include removed groups

Displays groups that were previously removed by an administrator.

Groups grid

From this grid, you can add and manage groups.

Full Name — Specifies the name of the group of users.

Type — Indicates whether this group is an Output Manager group, an LDAP group, or a Windows group.

Email — Specifies the email address for this group.

More Groups button

If the group is not listed, click More Groups to add that group. Once groups are added, they are placed in the Output Manager database and will always be listed in the future. Choose one of the following options from the list:

  • Add OM Group — Opens the OM Group dialog box for adding Output Manager users.
  • Add LDAP Group — Opens the LDAP Group dialog box for adding LDAP users.
  • Add Windows Users and Groups — Opens the Users and Groups dialog box for adding Windows users and groups.
  • Import LDAP Users and Groups — Opens the LDAP Import Utility for importing LDAP users.

Modify button

Depending on the type of group selected, opens the OM Group dialog box or the LDAP Group dialog box so that you can change information. You cannot modify a Windows group from the Output Manager Console; you must modify it from the Windows operating system.

Remove button

Deletes the selected group.