Managed Queues

A Managed Queue is a workstation print queue which is configured and deployed through the Workstation client and managed via Web System Manager. Managed Queues utilize the vendor specific printer driver and allow all printer driver functionality to be available to the user. The workstation client automatically creates the print queue (as configured in Web System Manager) and installs and updates the vendor printer driver on the workstation client. The Managed Queue settings are updated on the workstation computers at normal synchronization periods (as configured in Web System Manager). Optionally, you can force a synchronization to roll out immediate updates. See Managing DRC.

Administrators can set up an environment with similar devices using one common printer driver. This allows for one common queue to be automatically installed on all workstation computers without any further configuration. Additional Managed Queues can be set up for different groups of devices using different printer drivers. This functionality simplifies the deployment of print queues to workstations and allows the use of standard print queues to be easily maintained in the environment.

Pull groups are used to filter which MFP can release the jobs sent to a Managed Queue. Pull groups can be set for a Managed Queue and print jobs can be released on any MFP within the pull groups assigned to the Managed Queue. Pull groups are needed as print jobs from one vendor may not be compatible with other vendor's devices, and care should be used in selecting which printer driver to use. See Manage Device Pull Groups.