Configure NetWeaver integration

Perform this procedure to configure NetWeaver integration.

In the Configure NetWeaver Integration Utility, you can enable and configure properties for SAP NetWeaver integration in Output Manager. You can enable multiple NetWeaver servers in Output Manager.

  1. To add a NetWeaver server for integration with Output Manager, configure settings in each column of the first empty row.
    Option Description
    Name The name of the Output Manager Remote Function Call (RFC) server.
    Enabled Select this check box to enable the Output Manager RFC server.
    Application Server The SAP application server host name or IP address that the RFC service will use to communicate with SAP NetWeaver.
    System Number The SAP application server host system number.
    Callback Instance The name of the RFC callback instance corresponding to the SAP callback receiving server.
    Client The client identifier to use for communicating with the SAP application server.
    User Name User name that is authorized for the connection between the RFC server and the SAP application server.
    Password The password associated with the specified User Name.
    Real OMS The name of the SAP Real OMS configured in SAP that provides the printing link between SAP and Output Manager.
    Gateway service The name of the SAP gateway service utilized for this RFC service communication.
    OM Responds Via Callback Select this check box to specify that Output Manager actively posts status updates to SAP through the RFC service. If you clear this check box, then SAP must utilize polling calls for status updates.
    Description Provides space to describe the Output Manager RFC server.
  2. When all of the properties are configured, click Apply to save your changes.