Schedule a Billing Code Task

To add a scheduled Billing Code Synchronization task, do the following:

  1. In System Configuration, select Scheduled tasks in the left menu.
  2. Select Billing code synchronization from the Add scheduled task list to open the Add Scheduled Task page.
  3. Enter a Name and Description for the task.
  4. Select from the Run if missed checkbox to the task runs immediately when the system is back online.
  5. Clear theSuspended checkbox to run the task at the scheduled intervals. See Suspend a Task for details on suspending a task.
  6. Enter the File name for the report.

Note: If scheduling a billing code sync task in Web System Manager on a workstation, the local .csv file name must contain the workstation UNC path, otherwise the file will be considered local to the Scheduler service running on CAS. (e.g. \\workstation_name\folder\filename).
Note: If Web System Manager is launched from a workstation, manually enter the UNC path for the .csv file to open the file. If System Manager is launched from the CAS server, the browse button allows for a local file search.

  1. From the Action on exiting billing codes drop-down list, select the action that the synchronization task takes when it encounters a billing code in the Equitrac database that does not exist in the text file.
    • Ignore the accounts - Perform no action on accounts in the database but not in the text file.
    • Lock the accounts - The system cannot charge printing to the accounts.
    • Delete account information only - Remove accounts from the accounts database. The system retains stored account transactions for reporting purposes.
  2. Under When to Run schedule the task to occur either once, every day, every week, or monthly.
  3. Choose a Start date from the calendar, and enter theStart time for the task to run.
  4. Click Save to save the scheduled task.