Font Face Configuration dialog box

Use this dialog box to configure the font face.

You can access this dialog when you are configuring a transform package from the Fonts tab.


  • Style — Specifies the font style, upright or italic.
  • Weight — Specifies how thick or thin characters in text should be displayed.
  • Width — Specifies if the characters in text should be condensed or expanded.


  • Override Embedded Font — Specifies whether an embedded font resource should be replaced with the font to which the input font is mapped.
  • No Hinting — Specifies if you want to use font hinting (screen optimized fonts). Font hinting is the process by which fonts are adjusted for maximum readability on computer monitors.
  • Dev Name — 

Font File

  • Fixed Symbol Set — Determines if you wan to use a specific collection of symbols provided by a font.
  • Name — Specifies the font name.
  • Type — Specifies if the font is TrueType or Type 1.
  • Size — Specifies the font size.
  • Id — 
  • Pitch — Specifies the number of characters per inch (for fixed-spaced fonts only) common values are 10, 12, 16.67. Used to calculate height for fixed-spaced scalable fonts.Embed — Specifies how to embed the font. You can choose to always embed, embed on input, or embed on output.


This section is only available for AFP.

  • Baseline Increment — .
  • Rasterize — .
  • Raster — .