Output Manager services

The Output Manager services provide functionality, interfaces, and data access for an Output Manager system.

Output Manager is based on the Microsoft .NET Framework. Microsoft Windows services are the backbone of the system. They can be hosted on physical or virtual machines running Microsoft Windows operating systems. For large implementations of Output Manager, it is a best practice to install the services on machines running server operating systems. Within the Output Manager documentation, any machine that has at least one Output Manager service installed is called an Output Manager server.

Output Manager server runs the services described in the following table:

Service Description
Output Manager DBM Service The DBM (database manager) service is the central point for communication with the Output Manager Database.
Output Manager Input Service The Input Service is responsible for receiving documents into Output Manager.
Output Manager Output Service The Output Service is responsible for sending documents from Output Manager to destinations.
Output Manager SNMP Service The SNMP Service detects printers on the network and continuously monitors printer status using SNMP.
Output Manager Rules Agent Service The Rules Agent service acts as an agent for the rules engine that is integrated in the DBM Service.