What is Equitrac?

Equitrac is a server-based print management and cost recovery solution which measures, monitors, and manages document output on your network. By regulating devices on the network, and local desktop printers, Equitrac track and control photocopies, print jobs, scans and faxes with minimal administration.

This software-based print tracking and document accounting solution reduces print expenses, eliminates wasteful printing, deploys equipment for maximum efficiency, and even contributes to a better environment. Equitrac allows you to track, analyze and, if necessary, allocate expenses for every document that any user sends to any networked printer, copier or multi-function device.

Equitrac is an ideal solution for small businesses with a few devices, and for large enterprises with multiple offices and thousands of devices. Equitrac is well suited for educational institutions by letting students, faculty and staff print what they need and when they need it, wherever they are located.