Welcome to Autonomy WorkSite™ component

Autonomy WorkSite is a Document Management System that offers out-of-the-box, tight integration with popular Windows applications such as Microsoft Office, WordPerfect, Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes and Novell GroupWise. Users can create a new document, open an existing document, save a document as a new version, change profile information and perform many other document management functions — all without ever leaving their familiar application interface.

The Autonomy WorkSite Route and eConnector components allow organizations to further take advantage of their Autonomy WorkSite Systems, by sending documents directly from different sources such as Digital Senders, Multifunctional devices, Scanners or a POP3 Email account into Autonomy WorkSite, offering enough flexibility to layout this process in a manner that adjusts to the business rules of the organization.

The only difference between the Autonomy WorkSite Route and eConnector components is that the Autonomy WorkSite Route component solely stores the files and doesn't pass the files on, as it is the last component in the process. The Autonomy WorkSite eConnector passes the files to the next component in the process.

This component supports Autonomy WorkSite server versions 8.5, 9, and 9.3.