Restrictions and limitations

Short reference description.

Restriction or limitation Category Comments
Limited tracking of job attributes Equitrac reporting

Attributes for jobs tracked from the client are limited compared to other (non DRS) clients. Job costing will be correspondingly restricted.

  • No finishing options reported (stapling, binding, folding, etc).
  • No media type or tray information reported.
  • Scan destination not reported.
  • Fax destination/number not reported.
  • Sent vs received fax not distinguished.
Page sizes not reported. Equitrac reporting

Page sizes are generally not reported.

Page size usually reported as unspecified Equitrac reporting

If page sizes are included for reporting, they are sent as “regular” or “large”. These are arbitrarily mapped to A4 and A3 respectively.

CAC/SmartCard support Equitrac

User identifier reported by the external system, if not in UPN format with a valid domain, must be added as a primary or alternate primary PIN in Equitrac

Billing code limit on client Equitrac Billing codes available on client are limited to 10,000.
Scan workflows not available Equitrac Equitrac scan workflows are not available.
No external application support Equitrac  
No guest user support Equitrac  
No release key support Equitrac  
Cannot use page size limits Equitrac

Client (or DWS) enforced limits and quotas cannot use page size when evaluating limits/usage.