Clean up IIS Bindings

To clean-up the IIS settings after uninstalling ControlSuite, do the following:

  1. Open IIS Manager, and navigate to Your Server Name > Sites and ensure that NDI Site has been removed.
  2. Expand Default Web Site and ensure the EQWebClient site has been removed.
  3. Right click on Default Web Site and select Edit Bindings from the menu.
  4. Click Add on the Site Bindings dialog to open the Add Site Bindings dialog.
  5. On the Add Site Bindings dialog, enter the following settings:
    • Type: http
    • IP address: 127.0.01 or your server IP
    • Port: 80
  6. Click OK.
  7. On the Site Bindings dialog, select the 443 port binding, and click Remove.
  8. Click Yes on the confirmation dialog.
  9. Close the Site Bindings dialog.
  10. Click on the Server Name and open Server Certificates from the IIS section on the right pane.
  11. Remove any ControlSuite or NDI certificates.
  12. Click on the Server Name and select Restart from the Actions menu.
  13. Close IIS Manager.