Welcome to OpenText Livelink/Content Server

Use the OpenText Livelink/Content Server route and eConnector components to send documents and data into the OpenText Content Server ECM system, formerly known as OpenText Livelink ECM (henceforth referred to as Livelink/CS). The integration between Workflow Server and Livelink/CS enables Livelink/CS users to capture documents from a variety of Capture components into this document management system.

The component supports sending documents into Livelink ECM 9.2, Livelink ECM 9.7.1, and Content Server 10 servers.

Log on to Livelink/CS and identify the folder, category and fields within the component where you want the document to be stored. Set up your workflow process to capture content from the specified Capture component and then store the content in the specified OpenText Livelink/CS folder.

The integration between Workflow Server and OpenText Livelink/Content Server takes advantage of Livelink/CS features, such as multiple category support, workflow initiation, security options, multivalue document and folder naming support.