Create New Accounts

There is no correct order to follow when creating and setting up User, Department and Billing code accounts, however the workflow may save some time when first establishing user accounts within Equitrac:

  1. Set up all Billing Codes. Create billing codes first, and then when you create user accounts and departments, you can select the billing codes you want to assign to the accounts. If the codes are not in place you have to go back and assign the codes later. Creating the codes first save you time and effort. If you are not implementing Billing Codes, skip ahead to create departments.
  2. Create Departments. Regardless of the method you use to create User Accounts, you can assign the users to a particular department.
  3. Create User Accounts. Select a method to create the User Accounts: ADS, LDAP, flat file import, individually, or automatically.
  4. Assign Departments and Billing Codes. If you did not use the automatic assignment options when you created the User Accounts, you can now assign users to a specific department, and assign billing codes to both Department and User Accounts.