Physical Devices

A physical device is the piece of hardware that performs the print, copy, scan, or fax. Equitrac can track usage on any physical device that is registered in Web System Manager.

Use the following workflow to configure a physical device.

  1. If it is a new device, use the Operating System’s Add Printer functionality to create the printer definition to use a standard Windows printer port.
  2. The print queue is created automatically the first time a user prints to the device. The first time a user prints to the device, the device contacts DRE, then the print queue is created automatically. However, to register the device immediately, send a test job the printer yourself to force the registration to occur within the Equitrac database.
  3. Verify the device in System Manager. Open System Manager, and switch to Devices. Within 30 seconds to a minute after registering the device, the device appears in System Manager. If you do not see a device, first try refreshing System Manager. CAS requires a few moments to complete the communication requirements with the device and DCE or DRE before it can populate the information in System Manager.
  4. Edit the physical device summary. You can adjust the device definition, apply pricing, set release behavior, and assign routing rules to this device.