Applying Price Lists

Since price lists are applied at the device level, you must switch to the System Manager > Devices link to apply the price list.

To apply the price list to a physical device, embedded device or print queue, select the individual entry from the list. In all cases, a Summary dialog box opens for the selected entry.

For physical and embedded devices, this dialog box contains five different transaction types, for which you can set a primary and secondary price list. If you set a different price list for each transaction type, ensure that the device supports the transaction type first.

For print queues, and embedded devices, this dialog box allows you to select a single primary and secondary price list only. Each drop-down is populated with Basic, Advanced, or Large-Format price lists only (scan and fax price lists are not available).

You cannot make changes to price lists from this dialog box. Instead you can only choose the primary and optional secondary price list to apply to the current device. The Secondary pricing options become available only after you select a primary price list for that price list type.