Manage Windows Queue Quota Profiles dialog box

Output Manager includes quota management for Windows queues. Quota management is used to set up restrictions based on the document properties. Examples include disallowing color printing, requiring documents to be duplex, disabling print from certain applications, and so on. Use this dialog box to manage Windows queue quota profiles.


Lists all of the defined Windows queues quota profiles. The Default profile can be edited and copied, but cannot be deleted.


New button — Creates a new Windows queue quota profile. Displays the Windows Queue Quota Profile dialog box.

Edit button — Opens the selected Windows queue profile for modification.  Displays the Windows Queue Quota Profile dialog box for basic profiles. If the profile was converted to an advanced profile, the Windows Queue Quota Rules Manager dialog box displays.

Delete button — Deletes the selected Windows queue quota profile.

Rename button — Allows for renaming the selected Windows queue quota profile. You will type the new name directly in the grid.

Copy button — Creates a copy of the selected profile. The new profile will be named "Copy of profile_name".

Import button — Allows for importing Windows queue quota profiles.

Export button — Allows for exporting Windows queue quota profiles.