Preparing to install ControlSuite

Before installing ControlSuite for either demonstration purposes, proof of concept (POC) testing or full production use, ensure that the server and client machines meet the minimum operating system, software, hardware and communication ports requirements. The required Windows roles and features should be installed on each server and client machines as needed.

Preparing your environment with these prerequisites will make for a smooth and faster installation.

To maximize performance in high volume print environments, you require additional disk space, memory, and a faster processor.

Prior to installation, do the following:

  • Download the installer package. Check the confirmation email you received after purchase, and follow the instructions in the email for download and registration from the Kofax (electronic Fulfillment) Delivery Site.
  • Ensure that the InstallAssistant.exe application file from the installer package is run from a local folder. It cannot be run from a network share folder.
  • Install Equitrac, AutoStore and Output Manager be on separate servers or VMs for a full production deployment. Business Connect can be installed on the same machine as any of the products.
  • Determine the installation destination for the ControlSuite components.
  • Ensure that you have Administrator privileges on all machines on the network.
  • Verify that your network configuration is prepared to handle the communication between ControlSuite components, including document routing to the network printers.
  • Ensure your environment is configured to match the system requirements for the individual ControlSuite products. See ControlSuite System Requirements.
  • Ensure that all Windows updates are run and current.
  • Install the required Windows roles and services with the proper Internet Information Services (IIS) version. See Install Roles and Features.
  • Set up Windows firewall exceptions
  • Install SQL Server or Oracle database.
  • Set up the communication ports for the ControlSuite components to communicate. See ControlSuite Communication Ports.

If you are upgrading ControlSuite, ensure that you download the latest full release or Fix Pack from the ControlSuite software download server and re-run the Install Assistant. When upgrading, it is recommended that you select Force download of latest installers to ensure that the latest MSIs are downloaded from the software download server, and override the older files in the existing Installs folder on your system.

When upgrading, ensure all previously installed components are upgraded to the same (latest) version. This is especially important if ControlSuite was previously installed using the Advanced Manual installation method.