Create Package dialog box

Use this dialog box to create a package of documents for an ad hoc rule. If you create the action from the Ad Hoc Rule dialog box, all of the documents that meet the specified criteria will be put in a multiple document package. If you create and run the action against documents in the Documents grid, all selected documents will be put in the package.

Naming prefix

Specifies the naming prefix for the package. This prefix will be added to all packages created by this action.

The naming prefix is especially useful when the create package action will be run by a scheduled rule. Each time the rule runs and generates a new package, the prefix will added. If you have multiple scheduled rules running that generate different packaging, you will be able to distinguish the resulting packages based on the original rule. It does not prefix any documents contained within the packages.

Grouping property

Specifies if a grouping property will be used to further divide the packaging. For the selected property, documents are grouped into packages by each unique value of that attribute. For example, you selected Form Name for grouping and you have 20 documents that are being packaged. In the documents, 3 have the value of "Form-A", 5 are "Form-B", 10 are "Form-C", and 2 are "Form-X". Once packaged, you will end up with 4 packages, 1 for each unique form type. All "Form-A" documents will be in their own package, "Form-B" documents in their own package, and so forth.

Ordering properties

Specifies the document properties that will control the order the documents are packaged. Expand the sections in the Ordering properties list to view the available document properties. As you select properties, they display in the Selected order list.

Note: Only the allowed properties selected in the Configure Document Properties Utility will display in the Ordering properties list.

Select properties in the Selected order list and use the Move up and Move down buttons to configure the property order.

Closing conditions

Important: This section is available only when the action is created from the Ad Hoc Rule dialog box.

Configures the closing conditions for the package. This will determine when the package is complete. You can configure one or more closing conditions.

  • Closing document – Closes the package once the specified closing content is received. In the Closing document action box, choose whether to remove the closing content, add it to the current page, or add it to the next page. In the When box, configure the conditions for specifying the content.
  • Time elapsed since package creation – Closes the package when a specified amount of time has elapsed since the package was created (the first document was added to the package). Specify the time period using the options next to Elapsed time.
  • Time elapsed since last match – Closes the package every period of time specified. Specify the time period using the options next to Elapsed time.
  • Specific time of day has occurred – Closes the package at a specified time each day. In the Time of day box, specify the time.
  • Auto close (For "Run Now" or document right-click configuration) – Closes the package (or packages when grouping) when the last target document has been packaged by the action.
Important: This option is used for running an ad hoc rule using the Run Now button in the Ad Hoc Rules Manager dialog box, or when right-clicking a document in the Documents grid and clicking a rule on the Run Ad hoc Rule shortcut menu.