Merge Package dialog box

Use this dialog box to configure a merge package ad hoc rule action. You can access this dialog when you configure the action from the Ad Hoc Rule dialog box or when you create and run the action against documents in the Documents grid.


Click the Configure button to configure the transform. The Configure Transform dialog box displays.

Package boundaries

Specifies the boundary fields for the merged document. Boundary fields are only applicable when a merged document will exceed the maximum number of exceptions (currently set at 1000). Merged documents that exceed the exception count will be split into separate documents. Boundary fields are used to control where the merged documents will be split. Each split will be on a boundary that maximizes the number of pages without exceeding the exception threshold. If you do not specify boundary fields, the split is arbitrary and will occur where the maximum number of pages can be fit.

Click Configure to select the fields from the Package Boundary Fields dialog box.

Merged Document Properties

Determine if you want to use the document properties from the first page in the documents or the last page in the documents. You cannot select custom properties.

Exception fields

Specifies the exception fields for the merged document. Exception fields specify which document properties to preserve on a per-page basis in the merged document. The document properties will be analyzed to determine the baseline and the exceptions (page overrides).

Click Configure to select the fields from the Exception Fields dialog box.

Add blank pages between the documents being merged as needed for duplexing

When duplexing, this option specifies whether to add blank pages as needed between the documents being merged to ensure that they start on an odd (front side) page in the resulting merged document. For example:
  • A merged package of two documents, each of them with 3 pages:
    • Pages 1-3: the first document
    • Page 4: blank page added for duplexing
    • Pages 5-7: the second document
  • A merged package of three documents, with 5, 4, and 3 pages respectively:
    • Pages 1-5: the first document
    • Page 6: blank page added for duplexing
    • Pages 7-10: the second document
    • Pages 11-13: the third document
  • As usually for duplexing, no blank page are added after any even number documents in merged package.

Original documents

Determines what will happen to the original documents after the merged file has been created. You can leave them in the spooler, move them to retain, or delete them.