Desktop Client Profile dialog box

Use this dialog box to configure desktop client profiles.

You can access this dialog box when you configure users or departments in the Manage Users utility on the Users tab or on the Departments tab.

Profile name

Specifies the document client profile name.

Profile description

Specifies a description of the document client profile.

General options

  • Wait for final page count before allowing printing to start — Specifies if you want to wait for the final page count before printing.
  • Display client in system tray — Determines if the client will display in the system tray.
  • Allow users to shut down the client and end tracking — Gives users the ability to shut down the client and stop all tracking.

Handling of print jobs in disconnected mode

Determines how print jobs should be processed when in disconnected mode. You can choose from the following options:

  • Disallow print jobs when disconnected
  • Allow jobs and enforce quotas using cached information
  • Allow all jobs and do not enforce quotas until reconnected

Client popup options

  • Allow batch processing of popups — Determines if users can submit popup responses in "batch." When this check box is selected, users can specify that their responses to the Client Popup should be applied to the next x print jobs as well. (Where x is the number in the Maximum number of jobs in this batch box).

For example, you need to print 10 different documents and you want to bill them all to the same account. When you print the first one, you get a popup that asks you to select which account to bill this to. After you select the billing account from the drop-down, on the popup there will be an option that asks you to specify the number of print jobs to apply the same selections. You would specify 10. Then, for the next 9 things you print, you will not get a popup, and it will automatically bill it to that account.

  • Batch timeout(seconds) — Specifies the batch timeout in seconds. If this timeout expires, the batch job is canceled and you will have to enter billing accounts again.
  • Batch automatically (subject to timeout) — Specifies if you want the batch to happen automatically until the timeout expires.
  • Maximum number of jobs in batch — Specifies a maximum number of jobs in batch.
  • Display previously selected billing accounts on popup — Specifies if you want to display previously selected billing accounts on popup. The billing accounts you selected on your previous popup will automatically be selected in advance in the drop-down lists on the next popup. This is added for convenience if you use the same billing account many times.