Output Manager user interfaces

Output Manager user interface components enable users to administer and interact with an Output Manager server.

There are several user interfaces that administrators, operators, and end users can use to interact with Output Manager. These user interfaces vary in terms of platforms they can be run on, richness of features, and footprint.

Output Manager Console

The Output Manager Console is the main user interface for Output Manager. Designed in C#, it can be installed on any machine running Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows Server 2012 R2, or Windows Server 2016. Multiple Output Manager Consoles can connect to the same DBM Service simultaneously.

The Output Manager Console is the most feature rich Output Manager user interface. It can be used by administrators to configure the product, operators to manage destinations and documents, and end users to access active, retained, and archived documents. Granular security controls allow for varied access to features, depending on the identity of the logged in user.

Output Manager Web Interface

The Output Manager Web Interface can be accessed from any web browser, regardless of the operating system of the machine. This user interface is targeted towards operators and end users, so it lacks the administrative features of the Output Manager Console.

The functionality available in the Output Manager Web Interface includes:

  • Displaying the list of active and retained documents.
  • Downloading and viewing the contents of documents.
  • Routing documents to destinations.
  • Changing the state of documents.
  • Reprinting documents.

Output Manager Desktop Client

The Output Manager Desktop Client is designed for Microsoft Windows workstations in typical office print environments. It is a small footprint software package that you can deploy using any desktop deployment application. Running as a tray application, the Output Manager Desktop Client allows Output Manager to provide information to the user and receive data from the user. It can provide users with status messages about the documents they submit, and allow users to view and change document properties. It can also prompt users for cost, billing account, and other information about the their documents. The Output Manager Desktop Client can also monitor local printing by users, such as documents going to USB and parallel port printers, as well as direct IP printing.

Output Manager embedded interfaces

In addition to the user interfaces running on PC platforms, Output Manager also supports user interfaces embedded in certain printer models. These embedded user interfaces allow users who walk up to the printers to see the list of their documents in Output Manager. Documents can then be released for printing or reprinting from the printer.