Configure IP Ranges dialog box

Use this dialog box to configure IP address ranges for auto-detecting devices through SNMP. You can access the dialog box when configuring SNMP server settings through Administration - Manage Devices.

You configure the ranges that are associated with specific SNMP services. These are the ranges that Output Manager uses to automatically detect devices. When you manually detect devices, you can select these ranges. Detecting devices using SNMP provides more information on manually detecting devices.

Import ranges from file button

Adds IP address ranges that are defined in a comma separated values (CSV) file. Verify that the values in the file are formatted as follows:


The following example shows values from a CSV file:,,,,,,My favorite range,,,,,,Common Color range,,,,,,

Add single IP range

Use this section to add a single IP address range. Specify the start and end addresses and click Add.

Discover domain IP ranges

Use this section to discover IP address ranges in a domain. The current domain appears by default. Network size determines how long it takes Output Manager to discover IP ranges on a domain. Discovering IP ranges takes longer on a large network.

Discover button

Change the current domain if necessary and click this button to scan the domain for IP address ranges.

The Status indicator shows the number of computers found in the Active Directory. While the scan is in progress, the indicator shows the approximate remaining scan time. The discovered IP addresses are grouped into ranges of 256 addresses ( –

Stop button

Stops scanning the domain for IP address ranges.


Shows the detected IP address ranges on the domain.

Clear selected button

Clears all the ranges selected in the grid.

Clear all button

Clears all the ranges in the grid.

Export ranges to file button

Save the ranges to a CSV file. The format of the file is the same as the format described in Import ranges from file button.

Save button

Saves the current IP address ranges configured in the grid.