Preview window

The preview window allows you to preview the contents of the user grid and print the preview or export the grid to a document, data, or text file.

This window is opened in the Administration - Manage Users application by clicking the Print or Export Users Grid button button on the Users tab.
Preview window
Tool Name Description
Search button Customize Search for text in the user records.
Customize button Customize Configure options for viewing user records in the Preview window.
Open button Open Opens a previously save preview document file (*.prnx).
Save button Save Saves a preview document file (*.prnx) to continue working with the same preview later.
Print button File > Print... Prints using the print dialog box to specify print options.
Quick Print button File > Quick Print Quick print uses Windows default printer settings.
Page Setup button File > Page Setup  
Header and Footer button Header and Footer Edits header and footer for print or export.
Scale menu Scale Menu to Adjust to % of normal size or Fit to # pages wide.
Hand Tool button Hand Tool Hand tool to drag elements of the view.
Magnifier button Magnifier Click image with this tool to change magnification.
Zoom menu Zoom Click +/- or type or select a percentage to change magnification.
Navigation buttons Navigation button Click First | Previous | Next | Last buttons to navigate pages.
Multiple Pages menu Multiple Pages Click page number on menu to go to a specific page.
Background color menu Background > Color Click menu to select a background color.
Watermark button Background > Watermark Click to add or edit a watermark image.
Export Document button File > Export Document Export user records to a document, image, or data file.
Send via E-mail button File > Send via E-Mail Export user records to a document, image, or data file and send it using the default email application.
Exit button File > Exit  
  View > Page Layout Specifies Facing or Continuous view for multiple pages.
  View > Toolbar Click to display or hide the toolbar.
  View > Status Bar Click to display or hide the status bar.
  View > Customize Opens dialog box to control display features of the Preview window.
  • Toolbars-Display or hide Toolbar, Status Bar, and Main Menu. You can also create, rename, or delete custom toolbars.
  • Commands-Lists Categories and Commands.
  • Options-Options to personalize menus and toolbars.