Print Job Submission

Print Job Submission (PJS) is a service that creates a queue which is responsible for accepting documents for printing from other services such as AutoStore, Output Manager, and Business Connect. PJS takes the document and attempts to convert it before it enters into the Equitrac printing workflow.

  1. In Sources, select ControlSuite.
  2. In the Behavior section, select a printing Rule set for the print queue. See Creating Print Rules.
  3. In the General Pricing Section, select a Primary and Secondary (if configured for dual pricing) Print price to be applied at the I-Queue level. If no price lists were configured, then the default price is used.
  4. Under Departmental Pricing, click +Add to add a department price for the I-Queue.
  5. When the Departmental Price List dialog opens, select a Type, Department and Price List from the drop-down lists. These options must be configured before Departmental Pricing can be added. See Departmental Pricing for details.
  6. Click Apply to save the PJS print configurations.