Supported HID Card Types

The following is a list of supported HID card formats. However, refer to the HID Web site in case of discrepancy.

RFID Carrier frequency

The RF signal used to exchange information between the powered card reader and the passive card can operate at many different frequencies and ranges (125 KHz carrier frequency, or Mifare and Legic standard using a 13.56 MHz carrier frequency).

HID offers a variety of products using different carrier frequencies and standards (HID IClass cards, HID Corporate 1000, HID Mifare, and others). However, since the control terminals have HID readers using a 125KHz carrier frequency, only certain card formats can be read by the control terminal.

Card Numbering and Labeling

All cards have the following numbering system printed on them for distribution purposes:

Card ID Number: 12345

Sales Order Number: YYYYYYYY-YY

Format: 12345 YYYYYYYY-YY

These numbers do not directly relate to the data stored on them. Some organizations may choose to deploy cards with labels that clearly display the Facility and ID codes stored on the card. Others may choose to hide the data for security reasons and omit labels completely, or label the cards with a randomly generated serial number. For this reason, it is not always possible to infer the facility or ID codes from card labels, nor can you infer the type of encoding used on the cards based on the numbers printed on the exterior.