In Equitrac, you can enable escrow for any combination of user, department, or billing code accounts. Escrow puts a hold on the funds from the account being charged for the transaction. While the job is in process, no other transactions can occur that would require the funds held in escrow.

Escrow further extends account limits by putting a hold on funds from the account being charged for the print or copy job, and reserves an estimated amount for the job transaction until it is fully processed. Escrow pre-charges the print job before it is released or before a copy is made. However, if there are not enough funds available in the account to print or copy, then the transaction is canceled and the estimated amount of the job is not charged against the account. When printing multiple jobs, the entire transaction is priced as a group, and there is not enough funds to release all of the jobs, then none of the jobs are released.

When escrow is enabled it applies to all accounts being charged for the jobs. If a user releases print jobs from a delegate, then the delegate’s account must have enough funds to release the job. If the user is printing their own job, then their account must have enough funds to release the job. If the print release is mixed between delegate and user jobs, then the associated accounts for each job must all have enough funds. If not, then none of the jobs are released.

If a user prints using multiple billing codes, all billing code accounts must have enough funds, or the entire release is not printed. If a user charges print jobs to a department, then the department, not the user, must have the available funds or the jobs are not released.

If a transaction with multiple jobs fails due to insufficient funds, the print jobs are returned to the print queue. At this point the user can delete unwanted jobs from the queue, or select fewer jobs and try to release them again. Escrow pre-charge is reset for the selected print jobs. When the print jobs are released successfully, escrow is removed from the associated accounts.

Note: Escrow does not apply if Release all at login is configured at an embedded device. Escrow does not work with Campus Cards.

Escrow is a global configuration, and when enabled, all settings apply to the selected account types to which charging limits are enforced.