Welcome to the AutoCapture Client component

AutoCapture client is an AutoStore component that extends capture capabilities to the desktop on a user's workstation. You can use this component to capture specified file types that reside on a workstation into a workflow.

Figure: The AutoCapture Client Window

Picture of the AutoCapture window
Table 1.
Key UI Element


Menu pane


Menu bar




Form pane


File list pane

The AutoCapture client component includes three features:

  • AutoCapture client application — A stand-alone application window that lets you select and capture documents using AutoCapture menus, forms, and actions defined on an AutoCapture server.
  • AutoCapture Office — A Microsoft Office add-in that allows you to capture a document in Microsoft Word or to capture selected messages in Microsoft Outlook.
  • AutoCapture Explorer — An Explorer add-in that adds AutoCapture menus to the Windows Explorer shortcut menu for capturing selected files in an Explorer window.
Note: This help describes how to configure the AutoCapture client. To configure the AutoCapture server, you can refer to help for the AutoCapture component in an AutoStore workflow.