Configure columns

Complete the following steps to configure columns.

Administrators can configure the columns that appear by default in the Destination, Source, Document, Library, and Device grids. Users can customize the grids by adding, removing, and reordering columns as necessary from the grids.

  1. In the Output Manager Console navigation pane, select the Administration application.
  2. In the navigation pane, select the columns that you want to configure:
    To configure Do this
    Destinations, Sources, Library, and Devices grids
    • Click Configure Columns.

    In the console window, the Configure Columns Utility displays tab pages representing each grid.

    Documents grid
    • Click Configure Document Properties.

    The Configure Document Properties Utility displays in the console window.

  3. Configure columns as follows:
    • To specify if the column will display in the grid and if it will be editable, use the Visible in Grid and Editable in Grid columns. Cells with a shaded background cannot be edited.
    • To specify if the column will be available and editable from the Business Rules Manager, use the Visible in Rules and Editable in Rules columns.

      The Alert Rules Manager also applies for the Destinations grid. Cells with a shaded background cannot be edited.

    • To reorder columns:
      • From the Configure Columns Utility tab pages, select a row and click Move Up or Move Down.
      • From the Configure Document Properties Utility, click Set view order. From the View Order dialog box, select a property and click Move Up or Move Down as necessary. When finished, click OK.
    • You can perform the following procedures from the Configure Columns Utility for the Destinations, Sources, and Library grids:
      • To add columns, click Add and select columns from the Add Column dialog box. Make sure you select the appropriate check boxes for the new column.
      • To remove columns, select a row and click Remove.
      • To change the display name, click the appropriate cell in the Display Name column and enter the new name. Cells with a shaded background cannot be edited.
  4. Click Apply to apply and save column changes.
  5. If necessary, select another application tab and make additional changes.