Supporting Components

Equitrac has a set of additional supporting components that extend the base functionality of the Equitrac core components.

Equitrac is comprised of the following additional components:

  • Workstation Client consists of a number of features that provide job information or prompts to the user when they request a print job from a networked workstation. See Workstation Client.
  • Print Assistant consists of a bundle of features designed to prompt users when they submit print requests. These features are Cost Preview, User Authentication, Job Rename, and Release Key. See Print Assistant.
  • Data Source enables a third party print tracking system to upload transaction data to the Equitrac accounting server. See Import Utilities.
  • Rules and Routing enables you to configure Equitrac to accept, hold, deny, or re-route to specific devices, any print requests that meet specific criteria. You can also configure rules that route jobs based on least cost or device status. You can create custom messages that are displayed when a user selects a particular type of print job at their workstation. See Routing Rules.
  • Campus Card allows Equitrac users to swipe a card at a release device as a method of payment from a third-party account using the Campus Card (also called Foreign Accounting System or FAS) functionality. Using embedded devices, users can authenticate themselves as valid card holders, make copies, release jobs, and pay for these services in real time directly from their Campus Card accounts. See Campus Card Interface.

    Equitrac currently integrates with Blackboard, CBord Odyssey and CBord CS Gold interfaces. Additionally, any system can be integrated with some development work using the Campus Card API, as described in the Campus Card API Reference Guide.

  • Device Web Server (DWS) is an optional feature of DCE, and is required in order to manage and control embedded applications on web-based MFPs. When a user logs in at a web based device, the login data is sent to DWS, which communicates with DCE, and then DCE contacts CAS to verify the user account.
  • Device Control Server (DCS) is an feature of DCE, and is required to manage and control Ethernet card readers. DCS is also required to communicate with DWS in order to work with some web-based MFPs.