Printer Driver Management

Equitrac offers a centralized Printer Driver Repository dedicated to managing printer drivers for Managed Queues and I-Queue printing on workstations, and I-Queue printing on the server. The Printer Driver Repository is managed by the system administrator to maintain current and new drivers for the networked MFPs.

The Printer Driver Repository maps the printer drivers to the associated MFPs on the network. The correct printer driver will be found and installed at the MFP even if the CAS service is offline, as long as the DRC cache was synchronized before the CAS service went offline. Default printer drivers for the different MFP models can be set in Printer Driver Repository. Additionally the printer drivers can be assigned to physical devices.

When a user submits a print job and logs in to a system-configured MFP to release their job via Follow-You Printing, the workstation client checks the MFP driver requirements and automatically downloads and installs the configured printer driver if it is not on the user’s workstation.