Learning about the Devices application

Use the Devices application to manage and monitor devices. The navigation pane displays a configurable Devices tree that shows all devices. You can drag-and-drop devices to device groups.

Output Manager differentiates between destinations and devices. Destinations are queues where Output Manager sends documents. They can be queues on physical printers or a variety of other destination types, such as network folders and FTP servers. Devices are the physical printing hardware. You can define multiple destinations for the same device. This is helpful for production devices where the controller supports multiple LPD queues, each defined with different print preference settings.

The console window displays a tabbed view of the Device tree selection. When a device is selected in the tree, a device home page will display showing the properties and status of the device. Below the home page, a grid displays listing all destinations associated with the device. When a device group (folder) is selected in the tree, the Device grid will display listing all of the devices in the group. Notice the Device grid is in a tab page control. By default, navigating in the tree will replace the information in the active tab. To open a device or group in new tab, right-click the item and click Open in New Tab. Your tree selection, open tab pages, and console window settings will be saved for the next time you open the application.