Equitrac overview

ControlSuite uses the Equitrac server-based print management and cost recovery tool to measure, monitor, and manage document transactions on the network. This print tracking and document accounting solution reduces print expenses, eliminates wasteful printing, and deploys equipment for maximum efficiency. Equitrac tracks, analyzes and allocates expenses for every document that any user sends to any networked printer, copier or multi-function device. Equitrac also provides secure document release, rules based printing, and basic document transform services.

Equitrac can be installed as a standalone product or as part of the ControlSuite solution which also includes AutoStore, Output Manager and Business Connect. Regardless of the how Equitrac is deployed, all products require that the ControlSuite core components are installed and configured in order to utilize the shared services.

Go to Install Equitrac in a production environment to install Equitrac as a standalone product.