Business Connect Features

Mobile Capture On-The-Go: The mobile device is a source for capturing business information. Business Connect, allows users to securely deliver information back into the company’s business processes regardless if it originates as a picture taken on the device, an email attachment, a file downloaded from a cloud hosted service or from any other application on the mobile device.

Secure File Access: Mobile workers can remotely connect to the company network, allowing them secure access to their Home Directory and shared network folders. Mobile workers can exchange information securely with the enterprise’s content management systems.

Secure Mobile Print: Release print jobs from any location. A print job is stored in a secure print queue until it is released by the authorized user at a networked printer or multi-functioned device (MFD). With Business Connect, office workers, mobile teams, and on-the-go employees can use their mobile devices to print securely to any network printer.

Geo-tagging: Business Connect lets users gather location coordinates automatically, or request it as needed, to audit mobile workforces or validate where work was performed. Deliver a deeper level of understanding of the situation by knowing where information is collected.

Mobile eForms: Eliminate the need to find, print, carry, and return paper forms. Mobile eForms can be constructed to fit your workers’ needs and published in minutes. Data can easily be validated with document management or other line of business applications directly within the form itself.

eSignature: Business Connect allows workers to quickly obtain the consent they need to perform tasks, validate information, and obtain approval. Business Connect allows for easy signing directly on the mobile device screen. Workers can collect and deliver the required approvals any time, any place, enabling work to move forward while they are on the go.

Barcode Scanning: Read barcodes with a mobile device, and populate e-form fields instantaneously with accurate data pulled right from the corporate database. Business Connect supports a wide range of barcode types.

Audio & Video Capture: Business Connect allows users to capture audio only or video recording with their mobile device and have them available to attach to an activity for submission, such as in an email. The user opens an Activity, taps the Attachment button and selects either Capture Sound or Record Video to attach that file to the chosen activity. Audio & Video capture is only supported in AutoStore, and is not available with eCopy ShareScan.

Custom Web Form Layouts: Web forms on the mobile device can be customized to adjust how the forms are displayed on the device. The number of columns can be changed to provide a more desirable view of the information on the form. The form’s row height, font size and text color can also be customized to suit the needs of the form on the device.

Client Logging: Mobile users can collect client logs and send them to the Business Connect server for the administrator to view and analyze.

External Storage Service Access: Business Connect users can attach files from external storage services such as iCloud for iOS and Google Photos for Android.