Configuring eCopy ShareScan

Equitrac supports scan tracking on eCopy ShareScan using the Cost Recovery Connector protocol versions 2 and 3. When integrated with Equitrac, the user logs into the MFP with their Equitrac authentication information. The eCopy server is notified of a successful login and unlocks the eCopy Client to allow the user to perform their scan transactions. When the user presses Lock on the eCopy client to end their session, the eCopy client is locked and the scan transaction details are forwarded to the Equitrac server.

The Cost Recovery Connector is proprietary eCopy software that always resides on the ShareScan server, regardless of whether the server and client components are on the same or separate machines. The Cost Recovery Connector handles communication between eCopy and DCE.

The eCopy client may be a part of an MFP (ShareScan Client Embedded), or may be part of a discrete piece of hardware that resides next to the MFP (ScanStation). In the case of embedded eCopy clients, one ShareScan Server can manage up to 100 clients. However, if implementing the ScanStation solution, one ScanStation server is required per client.

See Physical Device eCopy Integration to configure eCopy in System Manager.