Universal PS Driver Wizard

Use the Output Manager Universal PS Driver Wizard to create new windows queues, and new Output Manager sources to associate them with. The new queues will use the Universal PS Driver, Additionally, new Output Manager destinations and devices can be created to associate with the new sources. All documents sent to the Windows queues will be received in Output Manager through the new sources and automatically be routed to the associated destinations.

Task Description
Create a single Windows print queue This procedure describes how to create a single Microsoft Windows print queue with an Output Manager source, destination, and device.
Use manual grid entry to add multiple Windows print queues This procedure describes how to use the manual grid entry to simultaneously add multiple Microsoft Windows print queues with Output Manager sources, destinations, and devices.
Import multiple queues from a file This procedure describes how to import Microsoft Windows queue information from a file. After you import the file, you can edit queue properties before creating the queues.
Restriction: The Universal PS Driver Wizard is used to create Windows queues and Output Manager sources. These queues can be shared to Active Directory, but are not published to individual workstations. Users can browse to the printers (Windows print queues) and add them manually. Alternatively, the printers can be pushed out to workstations by various network management tools.