Implement PINs

PIN information connects an Equitrac printing account with user logon information. Client billing, and embedded devices can use PINs to control access to devices. The system tracks and charges printer and copier use to the appropriate account in the Equitrac database when users use PINs to log on to a device.

The primary PIN is the alpha-numeric sequence that uniquely identifies the user. The primary PIN can be data encoded on a swipe card, or the user can enter it using the keypad. The secondary PIN acts as a device password. The user enters it using the keypad. Equitrac offers an optional alternate primary PIN that the user can enter instead of the primary PIN. Both PINs server same function, but offer the user a choice of two primary PINs.

You must enable Equitrac to use PIN information at the system level in System Configuration > Global Configuration Settings > Security and Authentication > User Authentication. If you do not set the system option, the PIN values are not used, even if you enter them for each account. See User Authentication for instructions.

You can create and manage primary and secondary PIN information for any type of account including user, department, and billing codes.