Configuring Workflow Containers

Workflow containers are place holders for pre-configured user workflows (or functions) as they appear in the Launcher screen on the front panel of select MFPs. Workflow containers may also be used to place additional containers and links to various device functions. Workflow containers can be configured to be accessible to all users, or only available to users assigned to specific departments.

To configure workflow containers, do the following:

  1. In System Configuration, select Global Configuration Settings > Workflows and Scanning > Workflow Containers.
    When the Workflow containers dialog box first opens, a list of default containers is displayed. Any of these can be edited to suit the scanning needs of the organization. Additionally, custom containers can be created.

    The default workflow containers include the following:

    • Launcher – MFP home screen with Follow-You, Scan-to-Me and Scan as the default workflows.
    • Quick Shortcuts – MFP navigation menu with Launcher, Follow-You and Scan-to-Me as the default links to containers and workflows.
    • Scan – native MFP scan feature with Scan-to-Me as the default workflow.
    Note: Any workflow that is in the Quick Shortcuts container must also be added to the Launcher or another container in order for quick shortcuts to start after login. Enabling the workflow is not enough. It is recommended that the Quick Shortcuts folder/container is not added to Launcher (or sub-container).
  2. In the Workflow Containers dialog box, click Add (or click the Edit icon for select an existing container from the list) to open the Workflow container definition dialog box.
  3. Enter a Name for the workflow container.
  4. From the Scope drop-down list, select either Global or Departmental. Global containers are accessible to all users, while Departmental containers are only available to users assigned to a specific department.
    Note: The Launcher and Quick Shortcuts containers are always set to Global and Active. These options cannot be changed since Launcher is the MFP home screen, and the Quick Shortcuts if the function navigation menu on the MFP panel.
  5. Click the Active checkbox to enable the container to be available to use.
  6. Select the Added workflows and containers to be added to the workflow container on the MFP panel.
    1. Click the Add/Edit icon to open the list of available workflow containers.
    2. Select the workflow containers from the drop-down list. The selections are added one at a time to the field.
    3. Click OK once all the workflow containers are selected.
      Note: Follow-You Printing, Scan-to-Me, Release all and External application are predefined workflows that are available to add to any workflow container even if they have not been explicitly added as workflows in Workflow management.
  7. Once the workflow containers have been added to the list, use the Up and Down arrows to arrange the order in which the function buttons display on the MFP panel.
  8. Select the Default workflow container from the drop-down list.
  9. Click OK to return to the Workflow containers dialog box.
  10. Click Apply when the all the containers have been configured.