Select Notification Methods

If a transaction fails to complete, the user can be notified by popup message, email, or a notification page.

If you are configuring Routing Rules, these settings also determine the Send message method used within a rule. Routing Rules do not support printed notification pages, however, all other options outlined below can be applied with Routing Rules. See Routing Rules for more information.

  1. In System Configuration select Global Configuration Settings > User Interaction > Billing Code Access, Cashier Behavior and Error Notification.
  2. In the Error notifications section, choose one or more notification methods:
    • Using messaging service – A proprietary messaging service that is included with the Client install to display print error messages on the user’s workstation.
      Note: The Equitrac messaging service is installed with the Equitrac client. No additional configuration is required. This service is not supported for UNIX print servers.
    • Sending the user email – Users receive an email notification of the transaction error.
      Note: You must configure the SMTP Mail Server settings to enable email notifications. See Configure the Mail Server for Email Notifications.
    • Printing a notification page with message – This option prints a separate error notification page. If selected, provide a message with details about the error.
    • Optionally create a Custom message for insufficient funds– By default a basic "Account has insufficient funds" message displays on the notification page.

By default, the printed notification page includes job status, the error message, and the user ID. You can customize the printed notification page to provide users with more detailed information. You can format up to five lines separately with text as well as escape codes. If you leave the field blank, Equitrac assumes the following escape code entries, in order: job status, error message, user ID, account.