Welcome to AutoCapture Server component

AutoCapture component extends the capture capabilities to the user desktop. Use this component to capture all file types that reside on the user's machine into the workflow. Any file type that resides on the user PC, such as Microsoft Word® document or an image file can be processed in the workflow.

AutoCapture supports desktop virtualization with Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop.

AutoCapture comprises of a server software that runs on the server and a client software that runs on the user machine. The AutoCapture client communicates with the AutoCapture server to get the menu, form information for presentation on the user desktop. When the server and client software are configured, a user selects files by right-clicking and the AutoCapture menus and forms are displayed.

This document describes the AutoCapture server configuration. Please refer to the AutoCapture Client help file for information on how to configure the client.