Device Monitoring with DME

The Device Monitoring Engine (DME) is an optional server component that gives an Administrator the power to identify potential device problems based on historical performance data.

DME monitors Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) messages generated by specified devices for status information. Each time a status change message is intercepted, DME logs the information in the database. If the new status matches a pre-set alert condition on that device, a notification message is forwarded to designated individuals or desktops. You can view the current device status at any time within the DME Console, or you can run reports to ascertain the overall device health, and plan maintenance based on historical performance.

This section provides information about:

  • the workflow required to configure and use DME
  • communication required between Equitrac components and SNMP devices to capture status change information
  • creating Alert Rules that specify the faults you want to be notified about per device
  • assigning rules to specific devices
  • viewing status information within the DME Console
  • generating reports to analyze system status information over time
  • allowing DME to prevent automatic print job release from Control Terminals based on device status