Configure Output Manager Console security

The Security Configuration dialog box is used to assign permissions to individual users or groups of users. Complete the steps in this procedure to assign permissions for the Output Manager Console.

To configure security for the Output Manager Console, you must be assigned the Allow user to Configure Console Security permission or be added to the security during the Output Manager installation. Users added to the security during installation are considered administrators and are assigned all permissions by default.
Permissions authorize a user or group to perform actions within specified areas of Output Manager. Without the appropriate permissions, attempts to carry out those actions are blocked.
  1. From the Output Manager Console menu bar, select Tools > Console Security.
    This opens the Security Configuration dialog box.
  2. From the Users and groups with permissions list box, select the appropriate user or group in the list.
    The Assigned permissions list box will display the assigned permissions for the selected user. If you want to set permissions for a user or group that does not appear in the list, click Add. From the User and Group Selection dialog box, select the users/groups you want to add and click OK. If the user/group is not listed, click More Users and then click the type of user you wan to add, Output Manager users, LDAP users, or Windows users. You can also choose to import LDAP users. See the Adding users and groups to Output Manager topic for detailed procedures on adding users. Once users are added, they are placed in the Output Manager database, causing them to always be listed in the future.
  3. From the Assigned permissions box, select or clear the appropriate permissions. Click Select All or Unselect All to assign or remove all permissions.
    Tip: To assign initial permissions that will allow users to open the Output Manager Console and view the Destinations, Sources, and Documents applications, select the Allow user to run the OM Console, Allow user to access the Destinations Application, Allow user to access the Sources Application, and Allow user to access the Documents Application permissions. For information on assigning security for Destinations, Sources, and Documents, see the appropriate help link.
  4. Once all of your permission changes are complete, click OK.