Import Reports dialog box

Use this dialog box to import reports into folders in the Reports application.

Import Folder

The folder that contains the report files to be imported.

Import into original group

Imports the report files into the same base reports folder from where the report files were exported. If the report files were exported from a custom folder that another Output Manager user created, select the folder from Import into group.

Import into group

Specifies the custom reports folder where Output Manager imports the report files.

Select all

Selects all the report files in the grid.

Unselect all

Clears report files selected in the grid.


The grid shows all the report files in the folder that you selected for Import Folder. The grid shows the following details:

  • Name — Name of the report to be imported.
  • Report Type — Type of report to be imported.
  • Original Id — System-generated identification number for the report at the time of export.
  • Linked to Report Id — System-generated original identification number for the detail report to which a summary report is linked.
  • Time Exported — Indicates the date and time the report file was exported.