Generate Device Status Reports

Reports Manager provides device status reports that you can use to analyze device health over time.
  1. To view these reports, go to Start > All Programs > Kofax > Reports Manager and expand the Analysis list in the Reports Manager console.

Use the following table to determine what report to run.

Report name Report contents When to run the report
Device availability % offline% online% unreachable Determine the percentage of time a device is offline or unreachable.
Device configuration Device name

Device type

IP Address



Determine the full suite of devices controlled and tracked by Equitrac.
Device faults Total




Determine if a service call may be required for particular devices based on how often the device is down, unreachable, or in a warning state.
Device faults vs usage Total Faults

Total Pages

Faults per 1000 pages

Determine how often a device is down in direct relation to the amount of usage on the device.

  1. Click on the report you want to view. The Select report criteria dialog box opens.
    1. Select a time frame to run the report from the Date drop-down list.
    2. Select the number of events to view from the Limit drop-down list.
  2. Click OK to open the report.

You can change the default contents displayed in a report to suit your tracking needs.

  1. To change the report contents, select View > Configure Report Layout.
  2. From the Columns to display list, select the categories you want in the report. The defaults are pre-selected from the list.
  3. The Label field displays the default name that corresponds to the selection. You can use the default or enter a custom label for the column.
  4. The Width field represents the percentage of how wide the column appears in the overall width of the report. You can set the column width as you desire, but if the selection exceeds 100% of the report’s total columns width, a Configure report layout warning pops up.

If the warning appears, you have three options:

Option Result
Yes Automatically adjusts the new and existing columns to add up to 100% of the overall report width.
No Exits without adjusting the column widths to equal 100%. The column is added to the report, but since it exceeds the total columns width, it does not display
Cancel Return to layout dialog box and enter a different value.