Welcome to Send to Folder component

Send to Folder is a Route component that copies files to any local or network directory.  Using directories is one of the fastest methods for implementing a document storage system as storing files into flat folders requires no database, no application, and lower cost of ownership. With Send to Folder component, you can create business rules for multiple folder locations, security access, and file naming of scanned imaged and processed file.

This component is also capable of checking security access level of the user prior to storing documents into folders.  Using the check security feature, users scanning document into folder destination can only store into the destination directory if proper access level has been granted to the user by the administrator.  Using this feature an organization can implement a secured storage location that accepts files only based on security settings.

The Send to Folder Route and eConnector components are identical except the Send to Folder Route component solely stores the files and doesn't pass the files on, as it is the last component in the process. The Send to Folder eConnector passes the files onto the next component in the process. The Send to Folder eConnector also allows you to enable or disable pass-through of documents. This option makes the document available/not available for other components in the process.

This component requires Active Directory Services with minimum of NT 4.0.