Copy Rules

During the general workflow when a user enters their login credentials at a terminal device.

After the user logs into the terminal, DCE contacts CAS to determine if there is a Rule Set applied to this device. If not, the user is able to perform their copying (after Equitrac validates their account status).

If Equitrac locates a Rule Set for this device, Equitrac evaluates the rules in the set, starting with the first rule. If a match is found for both rule type and rule criteria, the rule action is applied to the request and the user is either able to proceed with copying, or is denied access to the copy functions on the device.

For example, you might want to prevent users from performing in excess of 25 pages of copying at one time. You can create a copy rule that denies requests for copying more than 25 pages. This rule is useful for multi-function devices that perform both printing and copying services. Copying services lock out queued print jobs, allowing the print queue to back up. If you create a rule that limits users to copying a smaller number of pages, the print queue can continue to clear between the short copy jobs.