Configuring Billing Code Popup Behavior

Client Billing prompts users at the workstation for a billing code each time they attempt to print a document. These prompts are referred to as "popups". You can configure the behavior of the billing code popup on workstations and where supported, on embedded devices.

You can prompt users for billing codes after they authenticate themselves at copiers. This is useful so that you may track jobs and billback clients at the device level. The billing code prompts are highly customizable and you may choose optional display fields for a user’s account.

Note: Xerox, Fuji Xerox, and Sharp embedded clients are not prompted for a billing code if only one code is available. Instead, the client assumes the use of the code and behave as if the user had selected it.

To configure your billing codes session flow, do the following:

  1. In System Configuration, select Global Configuration Settings > User interaction > Session flow.
  2. Select Prompt for billing code after user identification (at copiers) check box. The user must enter a billing code before they can access the copy, scan and fax functions.
  3. Select Prompt for billing code at job release (at copiers)check box. The user must enter a billing code before they can release a print job. If you are printing from a workstation hosting the Client Billing service, this option will override the workstation client billing code.
  4. Select the Billing code prompt details you wish to be displayed at the copiers.
    • Required field - User must enter a billing code
    • Search - Adds a search function where users can search for billing codes
    • Default to the previous billing code - Shows a default of the previous billing code used
    • Security mode - Billing code is displayed in asterisk characters
    • Show most recently used - Shows most recently used billing code, this option is available when Security mode is off.
  5. Enter a name in the Billing code label field.
  6. Select Prompt for billable to enable users to select if they wish to be billed for the particular job, and enter a label name in the Billable label field
  7. Validate billing codes against CAS when it is available or unavailable in their respective fields.

Note: Validating billing codes when CAS is unavailable only applies to workstations.

  1. Click Apply to save the settings.