Document Library Profile dialog box

Use this dialog box to configure library profiles. Library profiles specify what to do with associated documents when they are routed to the Output Manager library. The profile specifies the library folder where documents will be sent, the file store, any notifications, and how long to keep documents before deleting.

You can access this dialog box when you configure the document library destination, create a business rule with a library filing profile, or assign a library filing profile from the Documents grid.


Specifies the library profile name.


Specifies a description of the library profile.

File documents in library

Specifies where documents will be stored in the document library. Click the browse button (...) to specify an existing Base folder. If desired, you can then specify one or more Dynamic folder levels to be placed under the selected Base folder. To create dynamic folders, click Add and enter a folder name. The folder name can consist of text, one or more document properties, and functions.

  • To insert document properties, right-click in the text box, click Insert Document Property, and choose the appropriate properties. Some example document properties are date/time, document name, data type, and so on.
  • To insert functions, right-click in the box, click Insert Function, and choose the appropriate function. Review the Using Output Manager functions help topic for information on configuring functions.

You can add, edit, and remove folders, and change the folder order using the buttons next to the box. Each level added becomes a sub folder of the folder above it in the list. If the folders already exist, the document will be filed there, otherwise the folders will be created.

Send email notification upon filing

Specifies if an email notification will be sent when a document is sent to the library. To configure the email notification, select the check box and click Email. This opes the Send Email dialog box.

When filing documents in the library

Determines the file store for documents sent to the library. You can choose to leave them in their current file store or move them to a specified file store.

Purge documents after X days

Determines how long documents should stay in the library before it is deleted.