Configure the Mobile Server URL in AirWatch Console

To configure the Mobile Server URL in AirWatch to work with Business Connect, do the following:

  1. On the AirWatch Console, select the Organization > Group which you want to configure the Mobile Server URL for Business Connect.
  2. Go to Apps & Books > Applications, and select the iOS or Android Business Connect application.
  3. Select the Assignment tab, and click Assign on the top of the screen.
    AirWatch Console - Assignments
  4. The NBC Client – Update Assignment dialog box shows up. Click Add Assignment to open the NBC Android 8.0 - Add Assignment window.
    Update AirWatch assignment

    Add AirWatch assignment
  5. In the Select Assignment Groups box enter the group which you want to assign.
  6. Scroll down, and under Policies set the following:
    Add assignment policies
    • Disable Managed Access
    • Disable App Tunneling
    • Enable Application Configuration
  7. Add app-specific configurations with key-value pairs, then click Save.
    1. Type serveraddress into the Configuration key box.
    2. Select String in the Value Type list.
    3. Provide a mobile server URL (such as in the Configuration Value box.
    The new configuration will appear on the list.
  8. Click the Add button, and then click Save & Publish.
    Update Assignments
    The Preview Assigned Devices screen appears.
  9. Preview assigned device details, then click the Publish button.
    AirWatch assigned devices
    The AirWatch Console appears.
  10. Go to Apps & Books > Native.
    AirWatch applications
  11. Select the Business Connect iOS / Android app.
  12. In details view (Apps & Books > Details View), click More dropdown on the right, and then click Send Application Configuration
    AirWatch send application configuration