Print rules profiles

Rules based printing enforces printing restrictions.

Print rules run after the document has been received by Output Manager, but before business rules are processed. Restrictions are applied using Print Rule Profiles that are associated with Windows Queue Sources or Users and Departments.

There are basic and advanced modes for printing:

  • The basic mode allows restriction of printing based on page counts, color, and so forth. The desktop client can be configured to inform the user of restrictions. The basic mode also allows some control of picking Billing Accounts.
  • The advanced mode allows finer control over conditions, and actions. Allows custom messages, re-routing of jobs to different destinations, and the setting (and/or enforcement) of document properties.

Each user is a member of a single department. Either Active Directory or the manual assignment of Groups to Departments should be used to determine each user’s department.

Print rules profiles are defined for users in the Print Rules Profile column on the General tab in Administration > Manage Users. Click the drop-down list button to select an existing profile or the browse button (...) to create or edit print rule profiles.