Learning about the Destinations application

Use the Destinations application to manage and monitor destinations. The Destinations navigation pane displays a configurable tree showing all destinations. You can drag-and-drop destinations to destination groups. Destinations are used only for outbound data. They route files from Output Manager to a physical destination, such as a laser printer, a host, or other location on the LAN.

The console window displays a tabbed view of the Destination tree selection. When a destination is selected in the tree, a destination home page will display showing the properties and status of the destination. When a destination group (folder) is selected in the tree, the Destinations grid will display listing all of the destinations in the group. The Destinations grid is in a tab page control. By default, navigating the tree will replace the information in the active tab. To open a destination or group in a new tab, right-click the item and click Open in New Tab. Your tree selection, open tab pages, and console window settings will be saved for the next time you open the application.

By default a Documents grid will display below the Destinations grid. Notice there are two tabs below the grid, Spooled and Retained. The Spooled tab lists all of the documents currently mapped to the destination selected in the tree. The Retained tab lists all of the documents that were printed and retained by the selected destination. If a group is selected, the list will contain documents for all of the destinations in the group. You can switch the tabs to view either spooled or retained documents. As you select items in the tree, both of the grids will update to show only the appropriate documents.

The following table describes destination states:

Destination State Description
Offline The destination cannot accept documents.
Ready The destination is ready to accept documents.
Processing The document that is being sent to the destination is being prepared for printing. The destination is waiting to start printing.
Printing A document is currently being printed.
Pause Document processing has been paused.
Intervention An error has occurred on the physical printer that requires user intervention. For example, the printer may be out of paper or there could be a printer jam.
Down An error occurred on the printer.
Warning ON This state is used only for Output Manager Print Server destination printers. This indicates the Output Manager Print Server destination printer is in an intervention state (for example, out of paper, cover open, and needs toner).
Moving Off-Line A printer destination has been disabled while a document is being printed. The printer will continue to print the document until completed.
Moving On-Line This is a transitional state that occurs when the printer is in a Moving Off-Line state, the destination is printing a large document, and the operator decides to set the destination back to Enabled before the document finishes printing.